STQC Certified

GPS Device For Enrollment

UIDAI Certified GPS Module

GPS Receiver or GPS Dongal is used to identify the physical location of Enrollment.

  • UIDAI Certified for Aadhaar Enrolment Client (ECMP)

  • Real Time Location wherever this device is plugged

  • Connection with any normal USB from any system

  • Small, Lightweight and Rugged GPS receiver

  • Supports Windows and Linux Operating Systems

  • Precise location with built-in receiver that tracks the GPS and GLONASS satellites

  • User friendly and highly simple to use.


GPS Module Specifications

GPS L1 Band Receiver 1575.42MHz

GLONASS L1 Band Receiver 1601.71MHz

Channels 33 (Tracking) / 99 (Acquisition)

Horizontal Position Accuracy (autonomous) <2.5 m CEP

Velocity Accuracy (without aid) <0.1m/s

Acceleration Accuracy (without aid) 0.1 m/s²

Timing Accuracy (1 PPS out) 10 ns

Operating Temperature -400 to +850 C

Storage Temperature -450 to +1250 C

Cold Start <35s

Warm Start <30s

Hot Start <1s

Sensitivity :

Acquisition -149dBm

Tracking -167dBm

Reacquisition -161dBm

Other Hardware Specifications

Interface USB 2.0

Antenna External Antenna (optional) recommended antenna AA.107.301111 with 3M cable length

Internal Battery 3.7 v 1100mAh LI-ION Battery ( Optional )

LED’s Yellow – GPS / Green – PC connection

Dimensions 79mm x 48mm x 28mm (L, B, H)