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eNBioScan - C1 - STQC certified single fingerprint scanner for Aadhaar authentication

  • STQC certified for Aadhaar authentication projects

  • Aadhaar Pay, eKYC,

  • Suitable for Government, Telecom, Banking, Finance, Insurance industries

  • Scratch proof prism, sturdy design

  • 2 Years warranty, Long life

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IriShield™ USB MK 2120UL - STQC Certified single Iris Scanner for Aadhaar authentication

  • Ultra Compact, Auto- Capture Camera Module with A PKI-based security to ensure end-to-end data security

  • 14.0 cm - 15.0 cm (5.5 inches - 5.9 inches) from the image sensor

  • NIST-proven extremely accurate iris image quality assessment algorithm

  • Capture distance 14.0 cm - 15.0 cm (5.5 inches - 5.9 inches) from the image sensor

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DactyScan 84c - STQC certified Slap Fingerprint Scanner for Aadhaar Enrollment

  • Certified for Aadhaar Enrollment projects

  • Suitable for Police & AFIS projects

  • Passport Seva Project, Aadhaar Enrollment, Indian Visa

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BMT-20 - STQC certified Dual Iris scanner for Aadhaar enrollment

  • High speed two eye image capture

  • Fastest auto-focus with best image quality

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UIDAI certified GPS module (BioEnable G1)

GPS Receiver or GPS Dongal is used to identify the physical location of Enrollment.

  • UIDAI Certified for AADHAAR

  • Real Time Location wherever this device is plugged

  • Compact size (Easy to carry)

  • Connection with any normal USB from any system

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